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  About Lockerz

About Lockerz

is a page from the USA!
Lockerz is a page which uses the Invite System! The scenario is that one only by a registered already been invited to become a member (on this page is also available)!
Registration is absolutely free!
In Lockerz you get in exchange for points (PTZ) free bonuses such as:
Play Station 3 (900 PTZ)
Xbox 360 (625 PTZ)
Wii, PS3, XBox, NDS, PSP and PC games (per 100 PTZ)
Nintendo DSi (325 PTZ)
Bruton-Snowboards (800 PTZ)
Nintendo Wii Console (250 PTZ)
etc. (

Points (PTZ) are available through the Daily Log (2 PTZ), answering a question (Dailys) such as "What is your favorite food?" (2 PTZ) and inviting friends (2 PTZ).
Once you have invited 20 friends to the side, and these friends have signed up gets to the Z-list status! This means that the Daily Log is not just 2 but gets PTZ 4, the same applies to the Dailys (answering the question)! In addition, you get a Z-lister rather the rewards that are so often no-longer in stock, and
it is sent to them a free T-shirt! Lockerz sent out the latest prices since even abroad!
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